Trail Town with Payson and You

Trail Town with Payson and You

Our man with the mustache, Payson McElveen, is known for tackling big, epic MTB rides. Mountain Bike Nationals, Moab’s White Rim FKT, The Breck Epic. The burlier the better for this Orange Seal Factory Off Road rider. His latest video project, Trail Town: Bentonville, draws on a strategy he uses for discovering and logging massive trail time: attempting to ride all of a region’s trails in a single ride. He did it in his hometown of Durango, Colorado two years ago, and that day inspired a format that could be applied just about anywhere. Thus he found himself taking the All Trails in a Day show on the road to Arkansas.

And this kind of challenge isn’t just for the pros–it’s something riders everywhere can use to inspire them to drive a little deeper into their own home trail networks. The video highlights Payson’s planning, prep and execution of the goals while emphasizing participation and extending a new challenge to mountain bikers everywhere.


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Payson McElveen Becomes First Mountain Biker to Ride All of Bentonville’s Trails in A Day

“Trail Town:Bentonville” Documents McElveen’s 142 Mile Ride through the “Mountain Bike Capitol of the World” and Showcases the Vibrant Community Along the Way

McElveen Challenges Mountain Bikers in the #BentonvilleTrailChallenge for a Chance to Win New Gear Package 

Bentonville, Ark. (July 2, 2021) Today two-time national mountain bike marathon champion Payson McElveen released the newest film under his Stachehouse Productions label, “Trail Town: Bentonville”, recounting his successful attempt to ride all of Bentonville’s trails in a day. McElveen became the first athlete to do so. The documentary, produced in conjunction with Mitchell Mitchell Films, highlights his strategy and preparation for the feat, while also highlighting conversations with Bentonville’s notable cast of characters that make it the “Mountain Bike Capitol of the World.” 

“In 2019, I rode all of my home Durango, CO town trails in a day”, McElveen said. “It took a couple of attempts, but it was an incredible experience that gave me a totally new understanding of my hometown. I immediately started thinking about other mountain biking Mecca’s, whether it’s Moab, Sedona, Crested Butte… but the one that was the most exciting was Bentonville.”

The film explores the history of mountain biking in Bentonville set against a soundtrack that evokes the down-to-earth, yet spirited nature of the city. Included are interviews with Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Nat Ross, NWA Trailblazers Project Manager Hogan Koesis, Walton Family Foundation Program Officer Gary Vernon, and Director of Bike Bentonville Aimee Ross, among others. 

Speaking to Payson’s ride, Nat Ross said: “It’s a massive network of trails—it’s a labyrinth. So, you put together a maze and the story you’re going to tell doing that… it’s a mad adventure.”

After seeing the influx of participation following his White Rim FKT film, Payson knew he wanted to emphasize participation and extend a new challenge to mountain bikers everywhere. In partnership with McElveen’s sponsors (OZ Trails, Red Bull, Orange Seal, Smith Optics, Osprey Packs, and Hammerhead) the film concludes with a gear giveaway challenge. Payson is challenging viewers to go ride all of Bentonville’s trails on their own time (in as many days and desired pace as they’d like), for a chance at a large prize pack that includes $1,500 of Osprey gear, three years supply of Orange Seal tire sealant, a Smith Trace helmet and Shift MAG eyewear, GU Energy ride food, gift cards to local Bentonville restaurants, and Karoo 2 Hammerhead bike computer. Participants are urged to join the “Bentonville Trail Challenge” STRAVA Club to prove their progress and document their efforts on Instagram with the hashtag #BentonvilleTrailChallenge. At the end of the year, Payson will select two lucky winners that shared the most compelling or inspiring stories. 

You can watch the full documentary, HERE. Still imagery from the ride can be found HERE.


An off-road endurance cyclist, Payson McElveen is a two-time US cross-country marathon national champion. He grew up in Austin, Texas before moving to Durango, CO for college and to pursue his professional racing dreams. Since graduating from Fort Lewis College, Payson’s career with the Orange Seal Off-road Team has expanded to include success in gravel racing, his popular podcast The Adventure Stache, and frequent film projects.


Launched in 2019, Stachehouse Productions is Payson’s media company. It’s home to The Adventure Stache podcast, and YouTube short films such as the “StacheTV” series, “Discovery and Despair on the Colorado Trail”,  and “Trail Town: Bentonville”. 


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