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Blue-collar racing at its finest, the boys of Voler Factory racing work hard and ride even harder. When they’ve punched out from the bike shops, farm fields, construction sites, or modeling gigs here at Voler, they’re off to the burliest Central American Stage Races and fastest crits in the continental US, giving it all for the love of the game. They’re an integral part of our R&D process, a cornerstone of our riding community, and the embodiment of what we stand for here at Voler. Work Hard. Ride Hard. Enjoy. Repeat.



Working hard, playing harder.
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Flying by the seat of my chamois
Los Angeles, CA



From our hometown's Super Grom to a seasoned bicycle virtuoso, Devin has transformed into a force to be reckoned with. Continually astonishing us with his velocity through EWS tape, soaring over dirt jumps and road gaps, and executing it all with unmatched style and effortlessness. Throughout the years, we've gladly provided him with couches to crash on during events. Now, with his professional Enduro race program and a full collab of apparel, we take pride in supporting his vision and program with custom gear made right here in the USA, sourced from his own backyard.


The Legion of Lobsters that Paul Sadoff has cultivated over the course of 45 years of frame building is quite remarkable. What began as a one-man frame building operation in a shed in the Santa Cruz Mountains has grown into a worldwide cyclocross racing circus, still supplying one frame at a time, by a one-man frame building operation. We’ve been there for the Rock Lobster CX team since the beginning and are going on 15 years of making jerseys for the crew, keeping cyclocross crusty from Santa Cruz to China, to Belgium, and Beyond. 



A product of Utah brought to our backyard through his studies at CalPoly SLO, Anders is one well-rounded beast of a human. He’s both the US and Pan American Champion for XTERRA off-road triathlon in the 20-24 age group. And as a powerhouse on the pedals, he also took part in Track World Championships representing the USA in team pursuit. But his dream career outside of cycling is sports medicine–a dream that he’s currently realizing as a project manager for a cardiovascular health study at Stanford Medical School.



Engineering program manager by work day, national team marathon MTB racer by weekend, Kelly Catale’s professional career spans two very different worlds, earning her the nickname of “Bicycle Batwoman.” Aside from chasing her own goals (she raced Marathon Mountain Bike Worlds in 2021, 2022, and 2023), the Massachusetts native has recognized the bicycle as a tool for empowerment–she’s committed to bringing other women into the sport through her non-profit junior development program, KellCat Devo, and youth coaching, while also recognizing the therapeutic benefits of cycling for men and women fighting the good mental health fight.


From BMX century rides to EWS Enduro Races to Little 500s to burly road gaps, our favorite backyard band of gravity goons just wants you to remember, their shenanigans are not for locals…kooks only. No matter what amount of seriousness, wildness, or combo of both a bicycle adventure demands,  the D’SendIt crew will saddle up for all the right reasons and then some.


Harrison’s journey, evolving from a Nebraska skateboarding enthusiast to a force in Truckee, CA, reads like a story of profound transformation. After years of snowboarding adventures, he stumbled upon mountain biking in 2020, unlocking a passion that reshaped his entire perspective. In 2022, Harrison delved into gravel racing, conquered an Everest on his Enduro bike, and fundraised nearly $20k for local trails. The subsequent year, sparked by personal tragedy, he initiated Pedal for Positivity, a journey from Earth’s lowest to highest point, raising almost $30k for mental health support and establishing a grant program for free talk therapy in the Tahoe Truckee area. As 2024 unfolds, he gears up for races like Unbound, SBT, Gravel Worlds, and Big Sugar. For Harrison, the bike is not just a means of transportation; it’s a catalyst for personal exploration, communal bonds, and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.


Keiran Eagen, a name synonymous with grit and determination, joins the Voler family in 2024. After honing his skills with Durango DEVO, Keiran went on to conquer the collegiate cycling scene with Fort Lewis College. However, a post-college injury forced him to shift gears, taking the helm of Team Durango Segment 28. As he recovered, his passion for racing roared back to life, propelling him back onto the competitive circuit. Now, with Voler by his side, Keiran is set to tackle gravel, mountain bike, and cyclocross events with the same unwavering spirit that defines him. He's not just an athlete; he's a testament to resilience and a beacon of inspiration for all who dare to chase their dreams.


The more ridiculous the conditions, the more fun she has! Jen Malik is a professional CX racer who also loves MTB and gravel riding. She is the 2018 Collegiate Cyclocross National Champion and loves to travel to Belgium every winter for a jam-packed session of cyclocross racing during the Kerstperiode. When she isn't riding or racing, Jen is a Data Scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute while simultaneously running the Ohio NICA League and striving to inspire more women and girls to discover cycling. Let's not forget the chickens! Jen is an animal lover and currently owns 19 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, one tortoise, and a snake.


Luke Hall, a gravel cyclist from southeast Kansas, grew up riding and running the gravel roads that shaped his love for cycling. After making his mark in the road scene, Luke returned to his roots and discovered a passion for gravel racing. Thriving in ultra-endurance cycling, Luke's rides are measured in days. In the 2020 Kansas Cannonball 550-mile gravel race, he shattered the Fastest Known Time in under two and a half days. Currently residing in Boulder, CO, Luke relentlessly pushes his limits. This year he is taking on racing and training full-time. His dedication paid off with a stunning 2nd place finish at the legendary Unbound XL.


A lover of races of attrition, Emma has the grit to really go the distance on the burliest courses. After a successful professional road career, the Kiwi-turned-global citizen has taken to the tough stuff, taking wins at the Rio Grande Gravel while also finishing runner-up at the Crusher in the Tushar. She’s about much more than just pedaling hard, though–she’s all about the connections cycling has helped her make around the world.


Gravel Pro Lindsey Stevenson has racked up her share of impressive results, with big wins at Barry Roubaix and a podium finish at Gravel Worlds. But racing is more than results for the Utah native whose bicycle passion is a family affair. When she’s not toeing the biggest starting lines in the off-road business, she’s passing on the stoke gene to her son, who finished his first cyclocross race at just age 2!


Born in Grand Marais, Minnesota, Will is a Physiology Student at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO – where he is studying and training to race the biggest marathon races across the U.S. He previously spent several seasons as a sled dog and canoe guide in Minnesota before he moving to Colorado to pursue bike racing and continue his education. 2023 was Will’s breakout season with a win at the Lifetime Lutsen 99er and several podiums at other mountain bike and gravel races across the country. He can probably be found in his van at your local gas station, trailhead, or Walmart parking lot.


Meet Lucas, Reno’s biking sensation and hometown hero. From dominating Nevada's NICA league to representing Team USA in World Cup races, Lucas pedals with a passion matched only by his dedication to medicine as a pre med student at UNR. He coaches NICA, guiding high schoolers to believe in their potential, echoing his journey from local trails to global tracks. A chocolate milk enthusiast with a knack for breaking carbon wheels, he's known as "the beast" on his team. With Lucas, it's not just about the ride—it’s about fueling dreams and showing that anyone can reach the pinnacle, one pedal stroke at a time.


Say hello to Ethan, the thrill-seeking dirtbike prodigy turned mountain biking master. From conquering dirt tracks at four to a high school skateboarding stint, Ethan rediscovered his passion for cycling in college. Despite not touching a mountain bike until 22, he fell hard for enduro racing, securing the local WV Enduro Series title and podium-sharing with Neko Mulally. With EWS experience under his belt, Ethan's focus now shifts to local and regional races, fostering community connections through trail maintenance and crafting trails on his property. As the Mid Atlantic Rocky Mountain sales rep, he's not just smashing trails but also slinging deals. Ethan: a trailblazer on bikes and in business, all with a contagious grin.

It's going to be a great year