2024 VOLER


From the crits of California and rocks of Kansas, to Euro single track and the Tasmanian outback – our powerhouse athletes fly the Voler flag across a spectrum of disciplines. But more than competitors, these are passionate friends we are proud to support, forging bonds that transcend competition.

Community changes everything.



Meet Payson, the two-time Marathon MTB National Champ, conqueror of the MidSouth Gravel, and record-setter for the Fastest Known Time across continents. Donning the iconic RedBull helmet, Payson and his Mustache are always up for some thrilling escapades, and we're all in for the ride. For the past seven years, he's relied on Voler to tackle every challenge he's faced. We take pride in backing the Texan-turned-Coloradan on his adventures, be it at the Life Time Grand Prix, the Tasmanian Sea, or anywhere in between. Get ready for the next big journey with Payson – it's bound to be epic!



From Mountain Bike World Champs to XTERRA Triathlon victories, to the biggest Gravel wins to a fistful of National MTB Titles (five!) and one big old Leadville Trail 100 victory, Hannah Otto is pure class at all things off road. She’s as much about chasing her own goals on the bike as helping others achieve their own, which is why she’s a USA Cycling Certified Coach and Board Certified athletic trainer. We’re thrilled to support Hannah for the third straight season as she chases her dreams and helps us realize our own.



Meet John Borstelmann – not just a guy with colossal pistons, but the downright friendliest diesel engine in the game! Hailing from the heart of cornfields in central Nebraska, John conquered the gravel roads of the Midwest before rolling his van into the California scene, where he's now a full-time racing and training beast. Those farm roads were his playground, scoring him three Gravel World Championships in Lincoln and owning stages at Central American road races. Riding with John is a thrill, and we're amped up for another year catching his slipstream at the LifeTime Grand Prix and beyond.



All the vibes, all the time - TJ Eisenhart and Andrew Dahlheim have inspired us ever since their professional road racing days when they rode with all the heart and then interviewed with all the love. Their collection brings the figments of their shared imagination to the fabrics of the Imaginary Collective Collection and beyond.



Once a Purdue powerhouse tearing up triathlons, Nathan has swapped his swim cap for the title of full-time bike virtuoso. When he's not geeking out as a self-proclaimed nerd in the research and development realm, he's burning rubber on two or four wheels. Between plotting his takeover of the 2024 Life Time Grand Prix, you'll find him under the hood, fine-tuning cars with a passion. Much like his breakfast enthusiast brother, Marc, Nathan's love for speed is only rivaled by his affection for cereal soaked in milk—preferably enjoyed from a bowl with a side of adrenaline.



Meet Marc, the Midwest maestro who's all about conquering miles of gravel and indulging in massive bowls of cereal. With a background in engineering from the automotive industry, he decided to kick things up a notch by bringing his passion for bikes and engineering to Utah. But Marc isn't just about the technical stuff – he thrives on those wild adventures, like the insane 192-mile Lotoja race from Logan, Utah, to Jackson, Wyoming where he's claimed a spot on the podium three times in a row. Oh, and don't get between him and his cereal. It's practically a genetic thing – the Spratt Brothers can clear out a pantry in no time flat, all while keeping the cereal-fueled enthusiasm alive and kicking.



With a zest for life as big as the Rockies, Michaela has spent the past four years soaking in the magnetic energy of Durango, carving her path in the cycling world. Joining the bustling ranks of Boulder Junior Cycling at the age of 16, she discovered her fervor for pedaling through terrains and the power of community, igniting a passion that would define her path. Now gearing up for her selection to the 2024 Lifetime Grand Prix, Michaela's set to conquer North America's premier cycling series, showcasing her prowess and infectious love for the ride.