The Loam Wolf’s Stow Bib Liner Review

The Loam Wolf’s Stow Bib Liner Review

The Stow Bib Liner - Men's  |  Women's - has become a staple for mountain bikers who want to wear baggies, while still enjoying the support and comfort of a chamois along with the carrying capacity of pockets.

After tons of great feedback from our athletes and customers, we sent a pair to the hardest core crew of baggy wearing MTB testers we know.  The Loam Wolf has a reputation for properly thrash testing the gear they get their paws on then offering honest feedback for their community. Spoiler alert, we’ll give you “The Wolf’s Last Word” first.

“Voler’s American-Made expertise and top-tier chamois and manufacturing have us loving these shorts on long days in the saddle. ”

Overall, the crew found several qualities that distinguished the Stow Bibs from others on the market. They dug the USA manufacturing, the comfort & breathability, the manufacturing techniques and materials, as well as the functionality and retention of the pockets.

“The pockets are deep, stretch quite a bit and never let anything bounce out. Whether it was a water bottle, jacket, snacks or loose tools, I could ride hard knowing that my carry-on luggage would be safely stowed.”

It’s always great to hear positive feedback from third party testers, especially ones with the history and expertise like the Loam Wolf. The main players in this crew have each dedicated their careers and decades of their lives to riding and testing proper MTBs and gear around the world. Remember the iconic Decline Magazine that celebrated DH, Freeriding and Trail Riding culture? These were the guys editing, testing and designing that print publication during the glory days. You’ll be hard pressed to find mountain bike journalists with more pedigree and passion than these guys.   

Their reviews and expertise are alive and well in the digital space with their honest opinions for serious off-road riders in new formats on YouTube, Instagram and their awesome website.

Read the full review at The Loam Wolf HERE.


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