Voler Factory Racing Prepares for the Inaugural NCL Race

Voler Factory Racing Prepares for the Inaugural NCL Race

Voler Factory Racing is gearing up for their next big challenge - the upcoming and inaugural NCL Race in Miami Beach, Florida on April 8, 2023. The NCL, short for National Crit League, is one of the hottest new cycling competitions in the country, featuring some of the best racers from across the United States.

Criterium racing is a highly technical and fast-paced form of cycling that takes place on a closed circuit course. The NCL is introducing some new, exciting rule changes and a million dollar prize purse, making it a highly anticipated event in the cycling community.

Voler Factory Racing (previously Marc Pro) was founded by a group of friends with a shared passion for cycling. The team's roster includes a diverse group of riders, including elite athletes, amateurs, masters, and even a few juniors. This diversity allows them to approach races with a range of perspectives and strategies, and aligns with their values of inclusivity and community.

Voler Factory Racing has been preparing for the NCL Race in Miami Beach for months, with a rigorous training schedule and a focus on technical skills and race strategy. The NCL Race in Miami Beach will be an exciting challenge for Voler Factory Racing, as they compete against some of the best riders in the country. The team is confident in their abilities and is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase their talent and innovative approach to the sport.

As the team makes their way to Miami Beach, their supporters are eagerly anticipating their performance in the NCL Race. With their commitment to community and grass-roots racing, Voler Factory Racing is setting an example for what is possible in the world of cycling, and we can't wait to see what they'll achieve next.

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