The Voler Guarantee

The Voler Guarantee

Voler’s 90-Day Guarantee is the best in the bicycle apparel business. Buy and try any non-custom collection piece of gear for up to three months to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.

How can we offer such an exceptional guarantee? Why can’t every company offer this kind of satisfaction? It all starts with owning our production, and manufacturing everything right here in the USA.

1. We Run Our Own Factory

Each and every day, we roll out the fabric, fire up the printers, and prep the sewing machines right here at our independently owned and operated factory in Central California. Our factory is meticulously maintained to ensure worker safety and reliable production machines. We also oversee each step of the production process, meaning we set and maintain the highest standards for performance and durability of our finished products on a daily basis, locally.  

2. We’ve Rigorously Designed Our Products

With direct control over manufacturing, sourcing, R&D, and distribution, we scrutinize each new design that we release. We know that the factory that milled the fabric adheres to strict standards for quality, environmental impact and workers’ rights. Our R&D and design departments are steps away from the sewing floor where patterns are perfected and communication is clear. A finished product has been scrutinized down to each stitch, panel and fabric to ensure a premium piece of gear for you. 

3. We Have Exceptional Employees and Quality Control

Over half our staff have been at Voler for more than a decade. That’s the kind  of experienced tradespeople that really make a difference when it comes to reliable quality.  When we have a design that we know works (based on testing on the World Tour, World Cups and the Sunday Afternoon Coffee Ride World Championships) we have the best production team available to construct it to the highest standards.

4. We Make a Products for Everyone

We believe that people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life deserve to enjoy their outdoor adventure, which is why we offer gear from 2XS to 3XL in race, club and relaxed cuts. If the piece you ordered was not what you expected, or not exactly what you were looking for, our broad range of offerings across our collections mean we can help you find what you are looking for, even if you didn’t find it the first time. 

5. We’re Not Happy, Till You’re Happy

We’re truly honored when you choose our gear to help make what you love to do even better. So if that’s not the case, we want you to wind up with the right gear to ensure that your next ride, run, hike or adventure is a little bit better in your American Made Voler apparel. When you choose Voler, we guarantee you’ll love that choice.

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