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While fashion might be half of what cycling is all about, if you are the type of cyclist that defies the norms of having a matching kit, but would like a well-performing jersey for a great price, then a mystery jersey is perfect for you! Possibilities include obsolete sizing and art samples, jerseys with a minor blemish, or extra team and club jerseys, to name a few. Due to this, the fabric, sleeve types, and zipper types may vary, and the supplies may be limited at any given time.

If you are looking for past-season Voler designs, please head to our sale section. Mystery jerseys do not include regular discounted retail items, they are a hodge-podge of mostly third-party client designs. You may receive a club jersey from a different state, or any number of designs that may not fit your personal preferences, be it color or content. It is, after all, a mystery!

  • Important Notes:
    Returns are not permitted on these products.
    While we attempt to avoid duplicates, there is the possibility of multiple products with the same design being included on an order, especially when more than one grab bag is purchased.

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